"My heart is breaking with every word you don't say..."

"It doesn't have to be this way, US not talking, US not being US..."

Sunday, August 30, 2015

California Times Publishing has rights to FAMILY SECRETS 'Secrets and Second Chances' Book 1

Back in April, my latest novel FAMILY SECRETS was given a publishing contract from California Times Publishing. Which of course, I am thrilled about. My book went through a cover change and an edit. Below I have attached first cover and new cover done by California Times Publishing along with the link to my book.


Alexis has had big dreams all her life, and she's worked hard to make them happen!
   After college, she married and had a beautiful baby boy, living her dream as "Mommy" until Colton was safely entrenched in grade school. She lands her dream job at NASA, and her supportive husband, Jay takes the lead on raising their son. The perfect family, right?
   Twelve years later and with no warning and no reason, Jay commits suicide. Colton goes into denial and blames his mother; Alexis buries herself in her work.
   Seven months later, Alexis's biggest dream comes true. She's going to be on the next space shuttle! Her victory is short-lived when she finds out she has breast cancer. As her health declines, Colton delves into dangerous circumstances of his father's death.
   "Family Secrets" crept into Alexis's life when she wasn't paying attention. Will she and her son ever find out the truth about Jay's suicide? Will they learn to be a family, again? Or it it too late?