Saturday, January 25, 2014


I was contacted by Bookplex about getting my novel converted correctly and I'm so glad I did. They did a wonderful job and fixed the sentences from being chopped all over the page when you buy my book and read it. I recommend everyone to give them a try. The appearance change to the layout of my book is amazing!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bookplex Review of Not Forgotten

This Book tell the story of Deanna. Twenty Six years ago she was raped and left pregnant by the experience. Her family moved away to keep her pregnancy a secret. Now she has moved back to the town where it all started with her 13 year old son Brent.
Busy unpacking her elder sister offers to pick Brent up from school and on the way home they have a car accident, leaving both of them in badly injured. When Deanna meets their doctor it stirs the memory even more of her first child who had died shortly after bring born...or had she?
The book depicts Deanna trying to find the truth about what happened when she was only 15. The story is told from Deanna's point of view at first I struggled with it, but soon..very soon the story pulled me right in, and I couldn't put this book down.
So much so I read it in one night , sitting up to 5am, as I just had to find the answers. They are so many twists and turns. Nothing is at it seems and the author has done an outstanding job or pulling you to one conclusion and then completely catching you unawares when proved wrong!
The authors writing style is unique and refreshing to recent books I have read, with this mystery novel being written in the first person. By the end I was delighted to have found a new author, and would highly recommend this book.
It also contains a couple of chapters of her other book Broken Promises at the end.
The cover for the book, is quite dark..and at first you wonder what it really has to do with the storyline, but it does makes sense when you start to wonder who is in the baby's grave.

A Review by Bookplex

Not Forgotten, by Donna M. Zadunajsky is a work of fiction that portrays a woman re-visiting 

her past in hopes for a new future. Murder, dark family secrets, love, and trust play a huge part

in this drama. Deanna and Sheila did not share a close bond when they were younger siblings, 

but the two hope to develop a close relationship as sisters since they are now adults. Sheila 

blames Deanna for something that happened years ago and Deanna must somehow realize that

the “incident” was not her fault so that she can forgive herself. She purchases the house they 

lived in up until the “incident” and decides to forge ahead with life along with her teen son 


 At the age of fourteen the family moved to a new town to avoid the stigma of what happened 

to Deanna. Her father held a high position in the community and felt that moving was the 

best way to protect his reputation. He knows that he cannot face his peers with a pregnant 

Deanna delivering a baby on her fifteenth birthday. Never mind that it was not her fault that the 

pregnancy resulted from an assault. The little baby girl dies shortly after delivery and Deanna’s 

world crushes in around her.

 On moving day Deanna gets the news that Shelia and Brent are in the hospital because of a 

car accident. Dr. Sheldon, the attractive female doctor in charge of their care seems so familiar 

to Deanna but she just cannot place her. She also runs into the doctor who delivered her baby 

all those years ago and he still looks the same. Even though Deanna is worried about her sister 

and her son, something in her gut just does not seem right. Everyone is being secretive and she 

sets out to find out why. She uncovers the secret about the death of her parents and other plots 

designed to keep her from knowing the truth about what happened all those years ago. People 

are alive who should be dead, houses hold unbelievable clues, threats keep coming, and the 

shocking truth about the night she was assaulted and why Dr. Sheldon looks so familiar will 

blow your mind.

 I enjoyed the intrigue of this book. The cover gave a good indication that a death was 

somehow involved in the story and that peaks the interest of those of us who like murder 

mysteries. There were a few grammatical errors and a lot of lines stopped after a few words only 

to start up again one space down. These two factors were a little annoying but did not affect the 

overall readability of the book. I do recommend this as a decent read.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Indie Writers Support

My novel "Not Forgotten", was number 17 on the list for book of the week. This is such a great achievement for me. I'm so excited and proud.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Self-Published Judge Not Forgotten

This was a real page-turner!  
Deanna and her son move back to where she grew up, hoping to get some closure on the past and settle in for her future. There is a lot to overcome. Deanna was assaulted as a young girl on a date and became pregnant, only to have the baby girl die at birth.  Then her parents died in a tragic fire and she is estranged from her sister a relationship she hopes to mend by moving back.  But her sister and son are in an auto accident and she becomes convinced that her son's doctor is the daughter she was told died at birth. Then people start dying and at every turn as she is trying to unravel the mystery that is her past, and danger lurks at every corner. Things are not at all what they seem, and there are a lot of buried secrets that certain people don't want to come out.  It is a dark tale, with a lot of intrigue and secrets.  Overall, I thought the book was well written the plot was good, the characters interesting and mysterious.  I thought a couple aspects (concerning secrets kept and for how long) might have been a bit beyond the credibility level.  There is some rather graphic and unpleasant sexual content that some readers might find uncomfortable (it was not gratuitous, it was consistent with the storyline) and which would not be appropriate for younger readers.  Overall well written and would recommend to appropriate audience.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review from BOOKPLEX

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten is 334 pages of twists and turns that delight the reader to the very end. Donna M. Zadunajsky caught my attention from the very first chapter. I could not put this book down once I started it and finished it in one reading. I look forward to reading more works from this author.

        We all have events in our life where we are not sure of exactly what is truth and what is cover up. When Deanna returns to her childhood home, she finds out that those she trusted in her youth have been keeping a very big secret from her. The questions start after her sister and her son are in a car accident and admitted into the emergency department.  There she meets a doctor that reminds her of someone from her past. This should not be possible.

        As Deanne starts asking questions, bad things start happening. She is notified that one of her friends has been murdered and then she receives a note that if she does not leave, she will be next. Old memories and new stresses are making her feel like she is imagining things that are not there. With the help of a friend, she is starting to put the pieces together. Will her family pull together or will they be torn apart once this big secret is revealed?

        I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. This is because of some formatting issues and some grammatical errors. It seemed that on every page there was a page break in the middle of a sentence. While this did not take away from the story, it was annoying. I would and am still planning on recommending this book to my friends. I found it to be a very good read.

        Donna M. Zadunajsky is a great beginning author. Every time I felt like I had the story figured out, there was a new twist to boggle my mind. I was not prepared for the last twist and it totally threw me for a loop. I can safely say,  “I did not see that one coming”.