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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Review by Bookplex

Not Forgotten, by Donna M. Zadunajsky is a work of fiction that portrays a woman re-visiting 

her past in hopes for a new future. Murder, dark family secrets, love, and trust play a huge part

in this drama. Deanna and Sheila did not share a close bond when they were younger siblings, 

but the two hope to develop a close relationship as sisters since they are now adults. Sheila 

blames Deanna for something that happened years ago and Deanna must somehow realize that

the “incident” was not her fault so that she can forgive herself. She purchases the house they 

lived in up until the “incident” and decides to forge ahead with life along with her teen son 


 At the age of fourteen the family moved to a new town to avoid the stigma of what happened 

to Deanna. Her father held a high position in the community and felt that moving was the 

best way to protect his reputation. He knows that he cannot face his peers with a pregnant 

Deanna delivering a baby on her fifteenth birthday. Never mind that it was not her fault that the 

pregnancy resulted from an assault. The little baby girl dies shortly after delivery and Deanna’s 

world crushes in around her.

 On moving day Deanna gets the news that Shelia and Brent are in the hospital because of a 

car accident. Dr. Sheldon, the attractive female doctor in charge of their care seems so familiar 

to Deanna but she just cannot place her. She also runs into the doctor who delivered her baby 

all those years ago and he still looks the same. Even though Deanna is worried about her sister 

and her son, something in her gut just does not seem right. Everyone is being secretive and she 

sets out to find out why. She uncovers the secret about the death of her parents and other plots 

designed to keep her from knowing the truth about what happened all those years ago. People 

are alive who should be dead, houses hold unbelievable clues, threats keep coming, and the 

shocking truth about the night she was assaulted and why Dr. Sheldon looks so familiar will 

blow your mind.

 I enjoyed the intrigue of this book. The cover gave a good indication that a death was 

somehow involved in the story and that peaks the interest of those of us who like murder 

mysteries. There were a few grammatical errors and a lot of lines stopped after a few words only 

to start up again one space down. These two factors were a little annoying but did not affect the 

overall readability of the book. I do recommend this as a decent read.